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April 3, 2020
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Pharma Company & U.S. Government Team Up In $1 Billion Coronavirus Vaccine Project


Pharma firm Johnson & Johnson has announced that it and the U.S. government, through a military research agency, will together devote $1 billion to a coronavirus vaccine project.


As Dr. Rath explains in his recent Open Letter, while the search for an effective and safe vaccine to help control the coronavirus pandemic remains important, the deliberate silence over natural ways to strengthen the immune system, which are readily available now, is outright irresponsible. This silence is no accident. It happens in the interest of the multitrillion-dollar pharmaceutical investment business.

As with the oil industry, the pharmaceutical investment business is already doomed within the foreseeable future. During recent years vitamins, as well as certain other micronutrients, have proven to be superior to patented drugs against just about any human disease. And the people of the world are increasingly demanding access to science-based natural therapies rather than toxic synthetic drugs.

Facing its disappearance, the investment group behind the pharma industry faces long-term losses totaling tens of trillions of dollars. To delay its demise this group has only one option: to get direct access to the executive levels of governments around the world and impose the continuation of its business via the implementation of emergency laws.

Such laws would include a range of measures that declare the pharmaceutical investment business as being ‘above the law’; enforce the compulsory use of drugs or vaccinations; seize property; or censor any information that questions the ‘business with disease’. Of course, no democratic society would voluntarily succumb to such a grip on power by corporate interests. Thus, the pharmaceutical investment industry must create a global scenario of fear that essentially paralyzes social life and business around the world. Only in such a state of global paralysis would the people of the world accept these draconian measures. Few scenarios are able to create such a situation. One is the use of weapons of mass destruction in a war scenario. Another, in peace time, is a global disease pandemic like the current one.

We urge you to read Dr. Rath’s Open Letter and to share it as widely as possible.

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