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April 10, 2020
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April 10, 2020

The Race To Find A Coronavirus Treatment Has One Major Obstacle: Big Pharma


The past few weeks have revealed the worst and the best in human responses to the coronavirus crisis. The behavior of the pharma industry is among the worst.


As we have pointed out many times previously on our website, the pharma industry is not primarily a health industry at all. Instead, it is an investment business that is ultimately only responsible to its shareholders. The marketplaces for this trillion-dollar per year industry are existing diseases, the business strategy for which is to extend these globally.

The merchandise that drives the pharma industry are patented synthetic drugs, with exorbitant patent fees determining the ‘return on investment’. However, the prevention and eradication of diseases threatens to destroy this business and, in the long run, will ultimately lead to its collapse. To secure its future, pharma lobbyists are therefore fighting against effective natural, non-patentable health approaches, and particularly against highly effective vitamin therapies.

The withholding of natural health information during the current pandemic follows these strategies ‘to the letter’.

To learn more about the business strategies of the pharma ‘business with disease’, see this page on our website.

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