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New Wearable Sensor Tracks Vitamin C Levels In Sweat

Source: University of California San Diego


A team at the University of California San Diego has developed a wearable, non-invasive vitamin C sensor that could ultimately provide a new, highly personalized option for people to track their daily micronutrient intake.


A good example of the positive influence that technology can have in helping us monitor our health, there seems little doubt that, in the healthcare systems of the future, devices like this could play important roles in assisting the prevention of diseases. The University of California San Diego team believe that ultimately this sort of device could track not just levels of vitamin C but also other micronutrients as well. Envisioning what they describe as a “multivitamin patch” for tracking levels of multiple micronutrients in sweat, the team predicts this field of development will grow fast.

Click here and here to watch short videos showing the device being set up and tested.

To read a summary of this University of California San Diego study, click here.

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