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May 15, 2020
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‘Overwhelming Evidence’ Supports Vitamin D’s Immune Function Benefits


There is an “indisputable relation between vitamin D and the immune system”, says a new review that shows avoiding vitamin D deficiency has clear benefits for immune health.


This new review is of course correct when it says there is an indisputable relation between vitamin D and the immune system. But while avoiding vitamin D deficiency is certainly essential for immune health, ensuring an optimum supply of other micronutrients is also important.

For example, vitamin C helps in the inactivation of viral DNA, thus limiting viral reproduction. Vitamin C also aids in antibody production of the white blood cells. Working in synergy with vitamin C, the amino acid lysine is important for blocking collagen-digesting enzymes and strengthening connective tissue, thereby controlling the spread of infectious agents. Antioxidants such as zinc and selenium support lymphoid tissues in the thymus gland, as well as the function of white blood cells.

Research carried out by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute has documented that, when combined with lysine and other micronutrients such as proline, green tea extract and N-acetylcysteine, vitamin C works more effectively than when used alone. Taken in combination, these micronutrients can target multiple mechanisms associated with flu infection. For example, they can inhibit the multiplication of human flu viruses by up to 82 percent and reduce the infection of new cells by 70 percent. Moreover, they can also impair enzymatic destruction of the body’s connective tissue, which is a natural barrier against the spread of viruses. Significantly, the Dr. Rath Research Institute scientists have found this micronutrient combination to be effective when applied before, during, and even after infection with a flu virus.

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