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Survey Finds Stress Levels In Britain Rise By Almost 50 Percent Following Coronavirus Outbreak


A new survey has found the average adult in Britain has seen their stress and anxiety levels rise by almost 50 percent in recent weeks.


As Dr. Rath explains in his recent Open Letter, there is reason to be concerned about the coronavirus pandemic. But there is no reason to succumb to hysteria or a state of psychological paralysis, however, as this would primarily only benefit the corporate interests that are seeking to exploit the situation.

Fighting feelings of isolation, fear, and paralysis is essential. To do so, the first step is to fully inform yourself by carefully studying the facts. Read Dr. Rath’s Open Letter about the pandemic and study the links it contains.

To strengthen your immune system to protect yourself against the virus, you should try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, that are rich in vitamins and other essential micronutrients, as your main source of daily nutrition. Significantly, research has also demonstrated that a vitamin-rich diet can help prevent depression. If you can, start an organic garden at home. This will provide you with fresh, naturally grown vitamin-rich produce almost for free.

Familiarize yourself with current knowledge about the benefits of vitamins and other micronutrients from the world’s largest online library, When you do so you will be surprised about the extent of the knowledge that is available today. For example, more than 25,000 scientific publications now demonstrate the role of vitamins in fighting infections.

Talk to everyone you know about the health benefits of vitamins in fighting infections and other diseases. Seek to form a group of like-minded people in your neighborhood, at work, or in your community. Draw strength from solidarity!

Above all, help improve the immune systems of yourself, your children, and your loved ones by developing a ‘family health plan’ based on healthy nutrition. This way, the coronavirus crisis can become a life-changing positive experience for you.

The full list of Dr. Rath’s recommendations for actions you should take regarding the coronavirus pandemic can be found in his Open Letter.

Read article in the Daily Mirror (UK)