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June 12, 2020
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Doctors In Netherlands Find Link Between Coronavirus Complications And Lack Of Vitamin K


“Doctors in the Netherlands say there appears to be a relationship between serious coronavirus complications and patients with a low level of vitamin K.” [Source: (Netherlands)]


Deficiencies of essential micronutrients are a major factor contributing to compromised immunity. Recent research has found that people with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to die after contracting the coronavirus, for example.

For strengthening immunity, ensuring optimum levels of vitamin C is particularly important. The antiviral mechanisms of vitamin C have been scientifically demonstrated in a multitude of viruses affecting humans. Examples include influenza virusherpes virus, and polio virus. When used against HIV, vitamin C has been shown to inhibit its multiplication by over 99 percent.

Vitamin C has also been found effective against the coronavirus. In February this year, the first clinical reports became available from Chinese clinics where patients severely infected by the virus recovered after receiving high dose vitamin C treatment. Doctors in New York state hospitals are similarly now treating coronavirus patients with high-dose vitamin C.

Clearly, if knowledge about the importance of micronutrients in strengthening the immune system had been disseminated globally over the past decades, the coronavirus pandemic could essentially have been prevented or quickly contained.

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