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June 19, 2020
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June 19, 2020

Multi-Ethnic Study Suggests Vitamin K May Offer Protective Health Benefits In Older Age


“A new, multi-ethnic study found older adults with low vitamin K levels were more likely to die within 13 years compared to those whose vitamin K levels were adequate.” [Source: Medicalexpress.com]


For many years, vitamin K was mostly thought of in terms of its role in ensuring normal blood clotting. A fat-soluble micronutrient, vitamin K is essential for the production of particular proteins that are needed in order for clotting to occur. Today, however, there is increasing interest in other important roles this micronutrient has in the body, including in bone metabolism, the regulation of calcium levels, and the control of cancer.

Recent research suggests that vitamin K deficiency is associated with osteoporosis and an increased risk of fractures. Other research shows that increased levels of vitamin K may decrease the risk of fractures, including in children.

Scientists in Belgium and the Netherlands have linked low vitamin K status to higher blood pressure and stiffer arteries. They therefore propose that improving vitamin K status may help boost cardiovascular health.

Other researchers have recently found a link between a lack of vitamin K and an increased risk of serious coronavirus complications. They found that patients who died from the virus or who went into intensive care had lower levels of the micronutrient than healthy people.

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