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Pesticides Push Insects Into Global Decline


“Pesticide use has risen fivefold since 1950, with over 4 million tons used on fields globally every year, says a new report.” [Source: Anadolu News Agency website (Turkey)]


Insects are not the only lifeform whose numbers are declining due to the use of pesticides. In France, for example, bird populations have fallen by more than a third – and in some cases by two-thirds – over the last decade and a half. Their decline is a direct result of the insects they feed on disappearing.  Similarly, scientists investigating the collapse of fisheries in Japan say that common pesticides are starving fish by killing aquatic insects.

Significantly, therefore, many of the pesticides fueling this environmental collapse are manufactured by some of the same pharmaceutical and chemical companies that want to ban non-patentable vitamin supplements and force GM foods onto our dinner plates. Just as with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and GM seeds, the real reason why these pesticides exist is because they can be patented. Patents on pesticides, and the multibillion dollar profits and market control that result from them, act as powerful incentives for their manufacturers to place profits before the protection of life and the environment.

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