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August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Governments May Soon Face Lawsuits From Companies Over Profits Hit By Coronavirus Lockdowns


“Governments around the world may soon face a wave of lawsuits from companies complaining that their profits have been hit by coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.” [Source: The Guardian (UK)]


A recent analysis from the Australian National University suggests the pandemic could cost the global economy up to $21.8 trillion in 2020 alone. Over the next five years, according to researchers at Cambridge University in the UK, the total cost could potentially reach $82 trillion. Catastrophic losses of this magnitude would inevitably cost millions of jobs worldwide, resulting in widespread poverty and deprivation.

This nightmarish scenario is avoidable, however. If governments were immediately to implement science-based natural approaches into their public health policies, the global economic devastation could be averted. Recent research carried out by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California shows that a specific combination of vitamin C and other micronutrients is capable of reducing the number of receptors on cells that enable viral infection in the body. By taking advantage of this scientific discovery, governments could bring the pandemic under control, save thousands of lives, and prevent the destruction of their economies.

We urge you to bring the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s scientific discovery about controlling the pandemic to the attention of the world’s political leaders. To enable you to write to them, we have created a special page on our website. Please make use of this page and share it widely on social media.