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September 24, 2020
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Up To Half Of Americans Unwilling To Take Coronavirus Vaccine


“With fears growing that checks on the safety and effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines will be rushed through, a new poll by the Pew Research Group has found that half of Americans are unwilling to take them.” [Source:]


Vaccines normally take years, if not decades, to develop. Nevertheless, around the world, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories are working at breakneck speed to produce vaccines against the coronavirus. About 40 such vaccines are already believed to be in clinical trials on humans. Whether any of them will prove to be successful still remains to be seen.

There is particular concern over the development of so-called ‘genetic vaccines’. The active principle behind such vaccines involves introducing genetic material (DNA or RNA) into cells. This technology is still in the experimental stage and is associated with serious side effects. The long-term side effects, due to the introduction of artificial genes into the DNA of human cells, are currently completely uncontrollable.

A mass use of this technology could potentially change the genetic makeup of mankind irreversibly, for generations to come. Despite this, amidst the challenge of the corona pandemic, all concerns about this technology would appear to have been thrown overboard. If pharmaceutical companies and some governments get their way, millions of people will be injected with these high-risk vaccines and essentially treated as human guinea pigs. The sole beneficiaries will be the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ and its shareholders.

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