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September 24, 2020
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September 24, 2020

World Health Organization Agrees Rules For Testing African Herbal Remedies To Fight Coronavirus


“The World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed rules for the testing of African herbal remedies to fight the coronavirus.” [Source: BBC News (UK)]


Anyone reading this news and expecting the WHO to turn away from drug-based approaches in the fight against the coronavirus would be well advised not to hold their breath. Receiving hundreds of billions of dollars a year from Bill Gates and the drug and chemical industries, the WHO has sold its soul to these interests and no longer has any independence in the field of health.

Far from wanting to provide free access to African herbal remedies for fighting the pandemic, the WHO will instead seek to ensure that such therapies don’t threaten the interests of the drug industry. It already funds the so-called ‘Codex Alimentarius Commission’, for example, which for decades has been attempting to outlaw free access to therapeutic vitamin and mineral supplements. In all likelihood, its setting of ‘rules’ for the testing of African remedies will attempt to achieve similar goals in the field of herbal medicine.

To learn how the WHO has effectively abandoned its founders’ original acknowledgement that nutrition is fundamentally important to health, see the historical documents published on this page of our website.