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Ten Or More Medications, Often Prescribed To Older Heart Failure Patients, Raises Concerns


“More than half of older patients hospitalized for heart failure, a progressive condition in which the heart doesn’t pump blood as well as it should, are discharged from the hospital with prescriptions for 10 or more medications, according to new research published in Circulation: Heart Failure, an American Heart Association journal.” [Source:]


Known as ‘polypharmacy’, the practice of prescribing multiple pharmaceutical drugs for patients is a serious risk to health. Elderly patients are often discharged from hospital with large cocktails of drugs that can cause severe side effects or even death when combined.

In older people with type 2 diabetes, polypharmacy is associated with increased all-cause mortality, macrovascular complications, and hospitalization.

Research has shown that patients who survive cancer are likely to be prescribed five or more different medications on a long-term basis, and that this increases their risk of experiencing adverse drug events.

Taking a large number of medications is also known to be associated with a worse quality of life in patients with advanced illness.

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