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April 2, 2021
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April 2, 2021

Half A Billion COVID-19 Vaccinations Given Worldwide


“More than 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have now been given around the world, according to the AFP news agency.” [Source:]


The introduction of anti-COVID-19 vaccines at the end of 2020, with claimed efficacy in curbing the pandemic, and with strong media support, has been driving worldwide demand for vaccination. At the same time, with these new types of vaccines still being at the experimental stage, questions about their efficacy against mutated forms of the coronavirus, along with the risk of unanticipated long-term side effects, are fueling reluctancy towards their acceptance.

Reports currently suggest around one-third of American adults are unwilling to be vaccinated. Large numbers of people in Europe similarly seem unlikely to accept the jabs. A recent survey found almost four in ten people in France and 23 percent in Germany say they definitely or probably won’t accept them. In London around one-quarter of National Health Service (NHS) staff are refusing to take them.

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