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April 23, 2021
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Omega-3 Supplements Protect Against Stress


“A high daily dose of an omega-3 supplement may help slow the effects of aging by suppressing damage and boosting protection at the cellular level during and after a stressful event, new research suggests.” [Source: Medicalexpress.com]


This study examined 138 sedentary, overweight, middle-aged participants who received either 2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day, 1.25 grams per day, or a placebo. Compared to the placebo group, during a stressful event in the lab, study participants taking the omega-3 supplements produced less of the stress hormone cortisol and lower levels of a pro-inflammatory protein. While both the omega-3 dosage levels studied were helpful, the researchers found that daily supplements containing 2.5 grams of the fatty acids were best at helping the body resist the damaging effects of stress.

A particularly versatile group of nutrients, previous research has found that supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids can help treat major depression, reduce inflammation in chronic kidney disease, lower the risk of eye disease, reduce blood pressure, and protect the cardiovascular system. Higher levels of these fatty acids have also been linked to healthy ageing.

Other research has linked omega-3 supplements to cognitive benefits and fewer asthma symptoms in children, as well as to a reduction in aggressive behavior. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA has been found particularly helpful in managing ADHD.

When taken during pregnancy, an increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to improved problem solving in children and shown to reduce the risk of premature births.

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