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New White House Science Chief Wants Vaccine For Next Pandemic Ready In 100 Days


“The new White House science adviser wants to have a vaccine ready to fight the next pandemic within about 100 days after a potential viral outbreak is recognized.” [Source:]


The Dr. Rath Health Foundation does not oppose all forms of vaccines. We recognize that vaccines based on peptides, short chains of the naturally occurring amino acids found in food, have potential in the prevention and control of diseases such as cancer, for example. Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have already published pioneering work in this area.

However, our position is different regarding the genetically engineered vaccines that are being used against COVID-19, whose active principle is based on the introduction of genetic material (DNA or RNA) into human cells. This technology is still at the experimental stage and is associated with serious side effects. Its mass use could potentially change the genetic makeup of mankind irreversibly, for generations to come.

The extremely rapid rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is particularly concerning as there is no long-term safety data to rely on. Instead of being licensed following the conducting of extensive studies, a process that can typically take a decade or more, COVID-19 vaccines have instead been given what are known as emergency use authorizations. This type of authorization essentially bypasses the requirement for manufacturers to supply long-term safety data.

Viewed in this light, the fact that the new White House science adviser wants to have a vaccine ready to fight the next pandemic within just 100 days of a potential viral outbreak being recognized strongly suggests that emergency use authorizations are set to become the ‘new normal’ in the field of pharmaceutical vaccine development. To read more on this important subject, see this article on our website.