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July 15, 2021
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July 15, 2021

Meta-Analysis Finds Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes


“A new systematic review and meta-analysis of 38 randomized controlled trials found that omega-3 fatty acids improved cardiovascular outcomes. ” [Source:]


Numerous studies now show that omega-3 fatty acids are linked to better artery health. Consumption of omega-3 supplements has been found to reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease events, and is associated with a lower risk of dying from coronary heart disease.

For optimum protection from heart disease, however, the key micronutrient is vitamin C. In 2015, building on a discovery made by Dr. Rath in the early 1990s, scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Through opening up the possibility of eradicating deaths from heart attacks and strokes, the publication of this study dealt a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s multibillion dollar annual sales in patented cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

To learn more about the natural prevention of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular conditions, read Dr. Rath’s revolutionary book, ‘Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks…But People Do!