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August 12, 2021
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Delta Variant May Be Transmitted By Those Vaccinated For Covid-19


“There are early signs that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 may be able to transmit the Delta variant of the virus as easily as those who have not, scientists at Public Health England say.” [Source: cyprus-mail.com]


With the Delta variant now the dominant global strain of the coronavirus, this Public Health England finding echoes the latest position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, which states that “fully vaccinated people with Delta variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others.” The CDC also notes that “the Delta variant seems to produce the same high amount of virus in both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people.”

With pharmaceutical companies already pushing for people to be given a third dose of Covid-19 vaccines, with annual doses to follow, it seems likely that the infectivity of the Delta variant will be instrumentalized as propaganda towards achieving these goals.

The fact is however that vaccines alone cannot provide a long-term solution to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, we need to look to approaches utilizing vitamin C in combination with other micronutrients. Unlike Covid-19 vaccines, research shows that naturally occurring micronutrients can safely regulate human cell systems in such a way that they become capable of protecting themselves against all variants or mutations of the coronavirus.

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