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August 27, 2021
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September 2, 2021

Number Of People Living With High Blood Pressure Has Doubled Worldwide Over Past 30 Years


“Over the past 30 years, the number of adults living with high blood pressure worldwide has doubled – rising from an estimated 331 million women and 317 million men in 1990, to 626 million women and 652 million men in 2019, with most of this increase occurring in low- and middle-income countries.” [Source:]


Dr. Rath’s revolutionary Cellular Medicine approach provides a major breakthrough in our understanding of the causes, prevention, and treatment of high blood pressure. As his research has shown, the main cause of this common health problem is a chronic deficiency of essential micronutrients in the cells of the artery walls. Responsible for the production of ‘relaxing factors’ such as nitric oxide, an optimum supply of these micronutrients helps decrease vascular wall tension and maintain blood pressure within the normal healthy range.

The key micronutrients responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure include vitamin C, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, and the amino acids arginine, lysine, and proline.

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