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September 3, 2021
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September 10, 2021

Saudi Arabia Now Has The World’s Toughest COVID-19 Vaccine Rules

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“As the Delta variant of Covid-19 sends other countries back into lockdown, officials in Saudi Arabia are counting on a strategy that makes vaccination all-but mandatory. This had made it a test case in what happens when people who are reluctant to get inoculated are pushed into a corner.” [Source:]


Saudi Arabia’s Covid-19 rules now mandate that all public and private sector workers wishing to attend a workplace are vaccinated, as well as anyone wishing to enter any government, private, or educational institution, including schools, shops, malls, markets, restaurants, cafes, concert venues, or public transportation. As a result of this coercive move, the country’s vaccination rate has predictably soared.

Other countries taking draconian steps to force their citizens to submit to Covid-19 vaccinations include the Philippines, where President Rodrigo Duterte is warning that people who refuse to get vaccinated will not be allowed to leave their homes;  Turkmenistan, where the healthcare ministry recently made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all residents aged 18 and over; Indonesia, whose capital Jakarta is threatening residents with stiff fines if they refuse to be vaccinated; and Israel, where vaccine passports will not be renewed unless people submit to so-called ‘booster’ shots.

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