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November 26, 2021
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December 2, 2021

Austria Reimposes Full Covid Lockdown And Makes Vaccination Mandatory


“Austria has entered a fourth national lockdown as COVID-19 cases continue to surge, becoming the first country in Western Europe to impose stringent measures this fall. Vaccination will also become mandatory from 1 February, 2022.” [Source: cnbc.com]


Having already recently decreed that unvaccinated people would be barred from leaving their homes for non-essential purposes, the Austrian government’s COVID-19 policies are now seen as amongst the most authoritarian in all of Europe. Currently, around 35 percent of the country’s population are believed to be refusing the vaccines. Given Austria’s long tradition of using natural healthcare approaches, to what extent people can be forced to submit to vaccination remains to be seen. The move could also potentially be subject to legal challenge both at national and European level.

To read how lockdowns and other draconian coronavirus restrictions contravene the United Nations ‘Universal Declaration on Human Rights’, see this article on our website.