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Germans Will Either Be ‘Vaccinated, Recovered Or Dead’ By End Of Winter, Health Minister Jens Spahn Claims


“Germany’s health minister has claimed that by the end of this winter “pretty much everyone” in Germany “will have been vaccinated, recovered or died”.” [Source: sky.com]

[Image Source: reuters.com]


What this news report doesn’t mention is that the highest court in Germany has recently been called upon to decide on a case involving Jens Spahn that will ultimately affect the health and lives of people throughout the world. The case relates to studies conducted by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, which have found an effective, safe, and affordable natural approach to fighting COVID-19: a specific micronutrient formulation that is effective against all mutations of the coronavirus.

But Jens Spahn has consistently refused to acknowledge this research and has apparently not even bothered to look at its lifesaving potential. As such, he is evidently not fulfilling his duty as the minister ultimately responsible for the health of millions of people in Germany and beyond. In fact, by openly disregarding such potentially lifesaving information, he may even have become guilty of criminal neglect – especially in face of the devastating dimension of the current pandemic.

Recognizing what is at stake, Dr. Rath filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Spahn in December 2020. Mr. Spahn’s refusal to accept the natural solution to COVID-19 not only violated Dr. Rath’s right to scientific freedom – he also put the lives of millions of people at risk. And precisely this question has now reached the highest court of Germany and is awaiting a judgement.

To learn more about Dr. Rath’s criminal complaint against Jens Spahn, see this article on our website.