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November 11, 2021
Research Shows The Superior Efficacy Of Vitamin D3 In Improving Vitamin D Status
November 12, 2021

Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked To Lower COVID-19 Rates


“Overwhelming evidence suggests a link between higher vitamin D levels and lower incidence and severity of COVID-19.” [Source:]


Interest in vitamin D has mushroomed during the coronavirus pandemic. Research shows patients with low levels of this micronutrient may be more likely to die after contracting the virus.

Low levels of vitamin D are also known to be associated with an increased risk of coronavirus infection. Scientists have found 60 percent higher rates of coronavirus infection among people low in vitamin D. Research carried out in Spain suggests over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients are vitamin D deficient.

Conversely, having an adequate level of vitamin D has been shown to reduce complications and death among coronavirus patients. Spanish doctors say high-dose vitamin D cuts the risk of death from COVID-19 by 60 percent.

To learn how daily doses of vitamin D3, magnesium, and vitamin B12 have been shown to reduce disease severity in older coronavirus patients, see this article on our website.