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Pfizer, BioNTech, And Moderna Make $65,000 Per Minute


“The People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) has carried out an analysis on Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna which suggests that the three drugmakers are making as much as $65,000 combined profit every minute. This conclusion was based on calculations of the firms’ own earning reports. The profit is generated from their COVID-19 vaccines.” [Source: nairametrics.com]


The enormous profits quoted in this news story illustrate that the drug industry has a vested interest in the coronavirus crisis continuing to exist. Towards this goal, at the global level, it is now clear that the industry’s key stakeholders are preparing for COVID-19 vaccination programs to be repeated on a regular basis.

As reported by Reuters, the World Health Organization (WHO) now envisages annual so-called ‘booster’ vaccinations for the most vulnerable people, with the general population to be revaccinated every two years.

The drug industry itself is pushing for COVID-19 vaccinations to be given annually. In some of the largest pharmaceutical exporting countries, such as the UK, healthcare officials have already publicly admitted that this is what they are planning to do.

Total global sales of COVID-19 vaccines are forecast to reach as high as $190 billion this year. Pfizer and Moderna are expected to dominate the market next year, between them generating over $93 billion from the sale of mRNA vaccines. Along with other drug and vaccine makers, these companies will be seeking to ensure that COVID-19 continues to be a source of profits for many years to come.

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