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January 13, 2022
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January 13, 2022

No Deaths From Vitamins


“The 38th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from vitamins.” [Source:]


Over the past couple of decades, the mainstream media has regularly presented alarming articles about the supposed dangers of vitamin supplements. Invariably, however, such articles exaggerate or misinterpret the studies they refer to. Conversely, the numerous scientific reports showing how an insufficient intake of vitamins can contribute to many health problems, and how regular use of micronutrient supplements has shown impressive health benefits, are far less publicized. In fact, such reports are often completely ignored.

This is not happening by accident, of course. Ultimately, the reality that the mainstream media is trying to steer us away from is that vitamins are only dangerous to the multinational pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies see vitamins as undermining their trillion-dollar-a-year ‘business with disease’ by reducing the need for toxic drug medications based on the use of patented synthetic chemicals.

To learn the facts about the proven safety of vitamins, read this article by the head of the Dr. Rath Research Institute, Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki.

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