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Huge Volumes Of COVID-19 Hospital Waste Threaten Health, Admits World Health Organization


“Discarded syringes, used test kits and old vaccine bottles from the COVID-19 pandemic have piled up to create tens of thousands of tons of medical waste, threatening human health and the environment, a World Health Organization (WHO) report says.” [Source: reuters.com]


It is ironic that in seeking to control the coronavirus pandemic, the public health policies recommended by the WHO and enacted by governments are simultaneously worsening the problem of environmental pollution. While the plastic waste crisis was already grave before the pandemic started, the increasing use of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) across the planet is making the problem even worse. Ocean Conservancy, an advocacy group, has estimated that 129 billion face masks are being disposed of in the environment each month, and 65 billion plastic gloves. This situation is clearly unsustainable.

Worse still, even prior to the pandemic, other aspects of the conventional approach to healthcare were already damaging the planet. Around the world pharmaceutical companies have been polluting the environment for decades now, with the result that food chains, drinking water supplies, and the environment are widely contaminated with dangerous chemical drugs. It is therefore now more important than ever to reorient global healthcare towards a truly preventive system that utilizes safe, non-toxic, science-based natural health approaches. Pharmaceutical and medical pollution is a serious environmental health hazard and should urgently be addressed by national, regional, and global health authorities alike.

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