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February 10, 2022
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Israeli Study Finds People Deficient In Vitamin D Up To 14 Times More Likely To Fall Severely Ill From COVID-19


“A new Israeli study has found that people who are deficient in vitamin D are up to 14 times more likely to fall severely ill when contracting the coronavirus.” [Source:]


The researchers who conducted this study found that patients with vitamin D deficiencies made up 87 percent of the severe cases, even after adjusting for age and underlying health conditions. The finding adds to the already impressive volume of evidence linking vitamin D status with outcomes in COVID-19.

Previous research had already shown that patients with low levels of vitamin D may be more likely to die after contracting the coronavirus. Low levels of this vitamin are also known to be associated with an increased risk of coronavirus infection. Scientists have found 60 percent higher rates of coronavirus infection among people low in vitamin D. In a similar finding to that of the Israeli researchers, a study carried out at a hospital in Spain in 2020 revealed that over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients were vitamin D deficient.

Conversely, having an adequate level of vitamin D has been shown to reduce complications and death among coronavirus patients. Spanish doctors say high-dose vitamin D cuts the risk of death from COVID-19 by 60 percent.

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