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Luc Montagnier, French Nobel Laureate Who Co-Discovered HIV, Dies At 89


“French researcher Luc Montagnier, who has died at 89, shared the Nobel medicine prize for his vital early discoveries on AIDS.” [Source:]


During his lifetime Professor Montagnier repeatedly demonstrated that he was not afraid to challenge the views of the scientific establishment. In an interview recorded for the 2009 AIDS documentary ‘House of Numbers’, for example, he spoke out in favor of nutrition and antioxidants in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As the co-discoverer of HIV and a Nobel prize winner, Montagnier’s statements in this interview gave valuable support to Dr. Rath and other scientists who, for years beforehand, had been warning the world about the pharmaceutical business with the AIDS epidemic.

A decade later, in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Montagnier was one of the first scientists to say publicly that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created in a laboratory. Interviewed on the CNews channel in France, he openly asserted that the virus had been designed by molecular biologists. Stating that it contains genetic elements of HIV, he insisted its characteristics could not have arisen naturally.

More recently, Montagnier expressed his concern about the use of experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Warning that neurodegenerative illness is a potential side effect of these injections, he stated in no uncertain terms that he was “outraged” about the widespread vaccination of children.

Reporting on his death, the mainstream media predictably denigrated Montagnier’s memory by accusing him of spreading ‘false ideas’. But we should perhaps not be surprised by this. History shows that the ideas of scientific visionaries are frequently ahead of their time and attacked by the status quo. We confidently predict that, in many cases, Montagnier may yet have the last laugh.

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