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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022

Uganda Researches Traditional COVID-19 Remedies


“Herbal remedies for COVID-19 are being researched in Uganda. The National Drug Authority, the country’s drug regulator, intends to evaluate these medicines in clinical trials.” [Source:]


We commend the National Drug Authority of Uganda for its plan to research traditional remedies for COVID-19. More than 60 percent of people in Uganda already use herbal medicines. During the pandemic, many Ugandans have witnessed the benefits of effective, safe, natural approaches for boosting their immunity.

Micronutrient-rich diets are particularly vital for ensuring not just proper immunity, but also optimum health. Mindful of this, our international Movement of Life project has been active in Uganda since 2014. Centered around the development of ‘School Health Parliaments’, the project involves teaching children about nutrition and Cellular Medicine in the classroom, setting up fruit and vegetable gardens at the schools, and reaching out to local communities. With a total of 50 schools now participating, and more than 12,000 fruit trees planted, the project has been directly benefiting the lives of over 100,000 Ugandan people. Clearly, inspiring children and their communities by providing them with science-based health education has enormous potential to change lives.

To learn more about the work of our Movement of Life project in Uganda, watch this video.