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March 3, 2022
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The United States CDC Isn’t Publishing Large Portions Of The Covid Data It Collects


“For more than a year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has collected data on hospitalizations for Covid-19 in the United States and broken it down by age, race, and vaccination status. But it has not made most of the information public.” [Source:]


According to this New York Times report, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published only a “tiny fraction” of the data it has collected in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The data withheld apparently includes information on hospitalizations and death by age, race, and vaccination status, as well as the performance of vaccines and boosters, particularly in younger adults. A spokeswoman for the CDC is quoted in the article as claiming that publication of the data “might be misinterpreted.”

Ultimately, given the controversial nature of COVID-19 vaccines and the widespread opposition to draconian pandemic restrictions, the news that a United States government agency is deliberately withholding key coronavirus data from American taxpayers will ultimately serve only to further undermine public trust. The longer the CDC’s lack of transparency continues, the more people will quite rightly demand to know exactly what it is that their government is trying to hide.