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Study Suggests Black, Hispanic Women With Low Vitamin D More Likely To Develop Breast Cancer


“A new study has found that among women who identified as Black/African American or Hispanic/Latina, those with low blood levels of vitamin D were more likely to develop breast cancer than those with adequate levels.” [Source: Medicalexpress.com]


Previous research has shown that higher levels of vitamin D are associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. It has also been found that taking vitamin D supplements after a diagnosis of breast cancer is associated with a 20 percent increase in survival rate. As pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin, deficiency is becoming recognized as a global health issue for the black community.

Scientists working at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have tested the effects of vitamin D on breast cancer, both on its own and in combination with a group of synergistic micronutrients. When tested alone, vitamin D inhibited cell growth; however, the dose required to achieve this effect was much higher than the acceptable safe dose. They therefore tested the efficacy of lower doses of vitamin D combined with green tea extract, and then with a synergistic group of micronutrients.

The results showed that combining vitamin D with the green tea extract inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells by 62 percent. However, vitamin D in combination with the synergistic group of micronutrients (which contained green tea extract, vitamin C, lysine, proline, and others) had a significantly more pronounced effect on the growth of breast cancer cells. With incremental doses of the mixture, and while keeping the dose of vitamin D constant, breast cancer cell growth was inhibited by as much as 94 percent.

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