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Daily Multivitamin May Improve Cognition And Protect Against Decline


“New research shows that taking a daily supplement may improve cognition in older adults. In the study, researchers estimated that three years of multivitamin supplementation roughly translated to a 60 percent slowing of cognitive decline.” [Source:]


Multiple studies demonstrate a clear link between nutrition and cognitive performance. Based on this finding, poor nutrition is now seen as a key risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia.

Research shows that vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to dementia. Low levels of the B vitamin folate/folic acid are also associated with risk of the condition. Interestingly, therefore, study data suggests that prenatal folic acid supplementation may offer cognitive benefits in children.

A recent study found that B vitamin supplements have significantly favorable effects on cognitive scores in older people. This finding added to the growing evidence that supplemental B vitamins can prevent dementia.

Other research has linked diets rich in vitamin E and carotenoids to reduced cognitive decline, while low levels of vitamin K have conversely been linked to a risk of cognitive impairment.

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