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Omega-3s Linked To Younger ‘Biological Age’


“Data from the scientific literature “overwhelmingly” supports beneficial effects of omega‐3 fatty acids on the length of telomeres, reported to be a marker of biological aging, says a new review.” [Source:]


Previous research has linked higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids with healthy ageing. It has also been shown that people with higher levels of these fatty acids are less likely to die prematurely. Significantly, therefore, there is now a growing body of scientific evidence linking higher intakes of omega-3 and other micronutrients with longer telomeres.

Often likened to the tips at the ends of shoelaces without which the laces would unravel, telomeres are found at the ends of chromosomes. Their roles include helping to protect chromosomes from damage and ensuring they are able to replicate properly. Telomeres are known to shorten with age. Research suggests that short telomeres may be associated with the development of disease.

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, other micronutrients that are associated with telomere protection include selenium and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), vitamin D, folate and vitamin B12.

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