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Side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines – We told you so

From the beginning of the vaccination campaigns, warnings have been issued about the unknown effects of the anti-COVID-19 vaccines. Despite many doubts and criticism from doctors and scientists, governments worldwide have been relying on mRNA- and DNA-based vaccines, blindly trusting the promises of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Government leaders and ministers have constantly repeated the mantra that vaccination protects against infection, illness, and death from the COVID-19 virus. Millions of euros have been spent on the injections themselves, but also on campaigns to convince citizens to get vaccinated – if not for themselves, then for the people around them. With slogans like “Get vaccinated for your loved ones” and “United against the coronavirus,” many people worldwide have been persuaded to trust that their government will provide scientifically correct data and advice and that it will align its policies accordingly.

In the meantime, it has become clear that these vaccines cannot prevent infection and disease caused by the coronavirus, nor can they prevent it from causing severe symptoms or even death.

Since the start of the vaccination campaigns, scientists from many countries have conducted research, published their findings, and expressed their doubts about the unknown long-term effects of the anti-COVID vaccines.

At the Dr. Rath Research Institute, a team of scientists has found that a specific combination of cellular nutrients can inhibit a coronavirus infection, its spread, and the development of the disease in the human body. These findings form the basis of Dr. Rath’s education campaign, launched in January 2021, informing the heads of state of several countries about the essential role of micronutrients in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, was informed in an open letter by Dr. Rath (11 November 2021) about the challenges and limitations of the vaccination strategy and the possibilities of a science-based, natural approach to the coronavirus pandemic. This open letter called for an immediate halt to all plans for mandatory vaccination with RNA/DNA anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

However, disregarding all scientific facts, the Dutch government, in a reply letter dated 2 December 2021, denied both the serious side effects of gene-based vaccines and the availability of effective and safe strategies to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. It thereby became clear that the Dutch government does not fully understand the potentially far-reaching and long-lasting side effects of RNA/DNA-based anti-COVID-19 vaccines – or, worse, that it was misled by vaccine manufacturers.

After the first COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the Netherlands, high mortality rates were observed in the second half of 2021. Although an initial analysis indicated a possible link between the vaccination rate and increased mortality, the Dutch Parliament decided in December 2021 to commission a more thorough investigation. However, due to a lack of available medical data, such an analysis could not be carried out. The CBS report published in June 2022 found no link between increased mortality and COVID-19 vaccines – but it also did not explain the increased mortality, which met with critical reactions from scientists and doctors.

In July 2022, an analysis was published using the weekly all-cause mortality figures for each Dutch municipality as reported by Statistics Netherlands. The statisticians analyzed the relationship between COVID-19 vaccinations and all-cause mortality in 340 Dutch cities (17.3 million people, about 99% of the population) throughout the pandemic. They normalized the results to the pre-pandemic year 2019. In conclusion, the researchers stated: “We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccination in Dutch cities after vaccination and booster campaigns. Instead, the correlation during Delta and milder Omicron waves was significantly positive (4 sigma), precisely coinciding with the two periods of excess mortality in the Netherlands with peaks in November 2021 and March/April 2022.”

This conclusion confirms the doubts and criticism expressed by scientists and doctors worldwide and the warnings and appeals expressed by Dr Rath about the use of drugs promoted by the manufacturers with limited information about safety risks.

The July 2022 statistical studies suggest that vaccination with anti-COVID vaccines played at least some role in the increased mortality rates in the Netherlands.

Any other medicine and/or medical treatment would have been immediately stopped on that basis.

The Dutch government was called upon to take the results of this investigation into account and not further promote vaccination until there is more clarity about the safety risks of these vaccines.

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