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Chemotherapy Could Increase Disease Susceptibility In Future Generations


A common chemotherapy drug could carry a toxic inheritance for children and grandchildren of adolescent cancer survivors, Washington State University-led research indicates. [Source: medicalxpress.com]


It is no secret that chemotherapy is highly toxic. What is not so widely realized, however, is that the chemicals used in chemotherapy remain toxic and dangerous even after they are excreted through the patient’s skin, urine, stools, tears, semen, and vaginal fluid. The people at risk from contact with these chemicals include family members, caregivers, and literally anyone touching a chemotherapy patient.

Further proof regarding the dangers of chemotherapy can be found in research from the UK. A shocking study published in The Lancet medical journal in 2016 revealed that in some UK hospitals, within 30 days of starting treatment, chemotherapy kills up to 50 percent of the patients who receive it. Given that chemotherapy drugs actually encourage the spread of cancer, it is no wonder that growing numbers of patients are seeking natural alternatives.

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