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California Medical School Apologizes For Conducting Unethical Experiments On Prisoners


“A prominent California medical school has apologized for conducting dozens of unethical medical experiments on at least 2,600 incarcerated men in the 1960s and 1970s, including putting pesticides and herbicides on the men’s skin and injecting it into their veins.” [Source:]


This California university medical school is hardly alone in having conducted deeply unethical experiments on human beings. Far from having ceased after the criminal experiments carried out by Nazi doctors and the German IG Farben Cartel during WWII, the fact is that during the past century such experiments have been more commonplace than most people realize.

Shocking examples include the United States Navy experimenting on its own men with poison gas, British government scientists deliberately spraying a toxic chemical into the air around South West England in a supposed attempt to simulate germ warfare and analyze how it dispersed, and United States Public Health Service doctors enticing around 400 poor black men suffering from syphilis into a study whose secret aim – unknown to the participants – was to observe the natural progression of the disease when untreated.

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