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Screening For Vitamin C Levels Could Improve Diabetes Outcomes


“People with diabetes should be routinely screened for vitamin C deficiency, as new research reveals it may help to reduce the risk of complications from the disease.”


The publication of this new research provides further recognition of the fact that vitamin C is a key nutrient in the prevention and control of diabetes.

In chapter 7 of his classic book ‘Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks…But People Do!’, Dr. Rath summarizes a clinical case study illustrating how diabetic patients can significantly lower their daily insulin requirements by increasing their intake of vitamin C. A hormone produced in the pancreas, in type 2 diabetes the body either does not make, or does not use, insulin very well. Conducted at Stanford University in California, the lead author of this study, Dr. J.F. Dice, was also the diabetic patient who was followed in it.

At the beginning of the study, Dr. Dice was injecting himself with 32 units of insulin daily. During the following three weeks, he gradually increased his intake of vitamin C until, by day 23, he had reached a total of 11 grams per day. By this point, Dr. Dice’s daily requirement for insulin had reduced from 32 units to 5 units. As such, for every additional gram of vitamin C he supplemented with, he found he could spare around 2.5 units of insulin.

Other studies have made similar findings and suggested that diabetes can be controlled by vitamin C treatment. For optimum prevention and control of the condition, however, the addition of further supplemental micronutrients is necessary. In addition to vitamin C, Dr. Rath’s recommendations for diabetic patients therefore include supplementing with vitamin E; vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and biotin; inositol and choline; and the minerals magnesium and chromium.

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