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March 10, 2023
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UK Government Discussed Using ‘Fear’ And ‘Guilt’ To Make Public Follow COVID-19 Rules


“The British government discussed using “fear” and “guilt” to coerce the public into following COVID-19 lockdown rules, leaked WhatsApp messages obtained by the Sunday Telegraph show.”


The WhatsApp messages obtained by the Telegraph newspaper provide a revealing insight into the British government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubbed the Lockdown Files, the messages show how not only was the British government warned that the damaging consequences of lockdowns could be worse than the pandemic itself, its public health policy was deliberately designed to frighten people.

Ultimately, of course, Britain’s government is hardly alone in having mishandled the pandemic. Some countries, such as China and Australia, enforced far harsher policies than those employed in Britain. In most countries, however, not only will the economic and social consequences of the response to COVID-19 last for many years, the experimental mRNA vaccines used against the coronavirus could also have long-term harmful effects. Given the short time these vaccines have been in use, there is simply no way of proving their long-term safety.

Perhaps the real tragedy in all this is that a science-based alternative to lockdowns and economic destruction does exist. Based on nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches, it is already now possible for responsible governments to protect the health of their citizens, strengthen immunity naturally, and save lives. Had such therapies been widely employed by governments during the pandemic, the number of lives lost could have been significantly reduced.

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