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April 14, 2023
Widower Of BBC Presenter Who Died After COVID-19 Vaccine Says ‘No Alternative’ But To Sue AstraZeneca
April 20, 2023

No Evidence Face Masks Protected Vulnerable From COVID-19, Health Officials Admit


“There is not enough evidence to suggest medical-grade face masks protect vulnerable people from COVID-19, health officials have admitted.”
[Source: telegraph.co.uk]


It isn’t just face masks that have been shown to be an ineffective public health policy tool for protecting people against COVID-19. A study by Johns Hopkins University has found that lockdowns only prevented 0.2 percent of COVID-19 deaths and were “not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic.” Revealingly, this study also found that border closures were even less effective in saving lives than the lockdowns themselves, with mortality rates being reduced by just 0.1 percent.

Fortunately, real science-based solutions for controlling the pandemic do exist. Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute have developed a specific combination of plant extracts and micronutrients that is proven to be effective against not only the original SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus but also its Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, and Mu variants. Together with the clinical evidence that high-dose intravenous vitamin C greatly reduces mortality from COVID-19, the widespread use of this revolutionary approach could have brought the pandemic under control without the need for draconian public health measures.

To read how the Wall Street Journal newspaper has published details of the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s game-changing patent on a specific nutrient combination for inhibiting the virus responsible for COVID-19, see this article on our website.