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Thousands Say They Developed Tinnitus After COVID-19 Vaccine


Thousands of COVID-19 vaccine recipients have reported persistent ringing in their ears after getting the shots.

[Image source: Wikimedia]


Tinnitus is a common problem. In addition to ringing, a variety of other sounds can also be experienced, such as buzzing, whistling, or hissing noises. While tinnitus may improve or even disappear over time, in some cases it worsens with time. The causes of the condition are usually unclear, but most sufferers tend to have some degree of hearing loss.

A possible link between COVID-19 vaccines and tinnitus has been known about since 2021. Since then, a number of studies have been published confirming the connection. In addition to causing tinnitus, evidence suggests the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine can also be associated with severe hearing loss.

To read about a clinical trial in which scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute demonstrated that micronutrients may be helpful in improving tinnitus, see this article on our website.