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Toxic Cocktail Of Drugs And Pesticides Found In 80 Percent Of England’s Rivers

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More than 80 per cent of England’s rivers and lakes have “chemical cocktails” of potentially harmful pollutants, according to a new analysis.


A disturbing analysis published in 2022 revealed that over 40 percent of the world’s rivers may now contain harmful levels of pollution from pharmaceutical drugs. Published in the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ETC) journal, the study found that around 461 of 1,052 sites monitored across 104 countries had drug concentrations considered to be of concern. Concluding that pharmaceutical pollution is a global problem, the researchers say that work is urgently needed to reduce concentrations in rivers down to acceptable levels.

The ETC analysis utilizes the results of a global monitoring study of 61 active pharmaceutical ingredients examined alongside available ecotoxicological and pharmaceutical data. Worryingly, not only did 43.5 percent of the sites sampled have drug concentrations considered to be of concern, but 23 of the substances measured occurred in concentrations exceeding those currently claimed to be “safe”.

To read more about the growing evidence that the pharmaceutical industry is having a dangerous impact on food chains, water supplies, and the environment, see this article on our website.

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