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Should Everyone Take A Daily Multivitamin? A Harvard Medical Editor Says Yes.


In response to convincing evidence published earlier this year, the chief medical editor at Harvard Health Publishing says he now recommends daily multivitamin and mineral supplementation for the population at-large.
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The recommendation of the chief medical editor at Harvard Health Publishing that everyone should take a daily multivitamin is a reflection of the overwhelming scientific evidence that now exists in favor of nutritional and Cellular Medicine. With the world’s largest online medical database – the United States National Library of Medicine’s PubMed website – now containing almost half a million studies and other scientific papers on vitamins, any opposition to daily multivitamin supplementation for the population-at-large is clearly not based upon the facts.

You won’t hear this information from the mainstream/legacy media. Quite the contrary, in fact, as it still regularly carries news reports claiming that vitamin supplements are dangerous to health. But the reality is that vitamins are only dangerous to the multinational pharmaceutical industry, which sees that they undermine its trillion-dollar-a-year ‘business with disease’ by reducing the need for toxic drug medications. Drug companies don’t want you to know that nutrient deficiencies are the primary cause of chronic diseases.

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