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Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?


All vaccines have at least occasional side effects. But people who say they were injured by Covid vaccines believe their cases have been ignored.
[Source: nytimes.com]

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Until very recently the mainstream/legacy media has mostly either ignored or played down the experiences of people who say they’ve been harmed by COVID-19 vaccines. The decision of The New York Times to publish this article is therefore, at the very least, unusual. What is now clear, however, is that the truth about the dangers of these experimental injections is beginning to emerge.

In Europe, British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has recently admitted that its COVID-19 vaccine can cause deadly blood clots and taken the decision to withdraw it worldwide. In parallel with these developments, the firm is facing a class action lawsuit in the UK brought by over 50 claimants and families who have suffered deaths and injuries from the injection. Similar legal action is underway against the company in Italy, Germany, and other countries.

As these legal proceedings unfold, what is already certain is that the pharmaceutical industry has profited massively from the pandemic. It is therefore time for those whose health and lives have been damaged by experimental COVID-19 vaccines to be justly compensated. Given however that governments have indemnified vaccine makers against lawsuits, the cost of any payouts seems likely to fall upon taxpayers. Coming at a time when much of the world is suffering from high inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, few will see this as fair.

There is surely something very wrong with a system of healthcare that allows pharmaceutical companies to profit from vaccines while avoiding responsibility for paying compensation to people whose lives have been ruined by them. Major healthcare reform, beginning with the termination of the ‘business with disease’, is urgently needed.

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