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Zinc May Reduce Cold Symptoms By Two Days


Zinc might reduce the duration of common cold symptoms by about two days, a new evidence review says.

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Contrary to the impression that is often given by the mainstream/legacy media, studies show that micronutrients are helpful in the prevention and control of a diverse range of infections. Vitamin C has been found effective against not just the common cold, for example, but also pneumonia. It is long since time that this knowledge should have been applied in clinical practice.

It isn’t even as if these findings are new, as more than 50 years have passed since two-time Nobel prizewinning scientist Linus Pauling published his popular book, ‘Vitamin C and the Common Cold’. Despite playing a significant role in helping to increase public awareness of the health benefits of vitamin C supplementation, the evidence presented in the book was largely dismissed at the time by the scientific and medical establishment.

Recent developments not only prove that Pauling was on the right track, however, but that carefully chosen synergistic combinations of nutrients developed at the Dr. Rath Research Institute have even greater beneficial effects in the fight against infectious diseases. To learn more, see this article on our website.