February 8, 2019

Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies Increasing In The UK

NEWS Intakes of most vitamins and minerals have taken a nosedive in the UK over the past decade, leading to an increase in deficiencies of key […]
February 7, 2019

Study Shows Omega-3 Intakes Among Vulnerable Populations Are Well Below Recommended Levels

NEWS A new study has shown that intakes of omega-3 fatty acids across the U.S. population are lower than recommended intake levels. While the study demonstrates […]
February 6, 2019

New Study Confirms Vitamin C Lowers Blood Sugar Levels In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

NEWS Confirming what other studies have shown for years now, Australian researchers have demonstrated that daily vitamin C supplements can lower elevated blood sugar levels in […]
February 5, 2019

New Report Finds Almost Half Of Americans Have Heart Or Blood Vessel Disease

NEWS A startling new report finds that almost half of all Americans — 121 million adults — have some form of heart disease, a significant increase […]