January 29, 2019

Big Pharma Said To Have Spent Record Amount On U.S. Lobbying Activities In 2018

NEWS The pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying group in the United States spent a total of around $27.5 million on its activities in 2018, federal filings show. COMMENT […]
January 28, 2019

Meet The Man Behind A Third Of What’s On Wikipedia

NEWS Steven Pruitt has made nearly 3 million edits on Wikipedia and claims to have written 35,000 articles. It’s earned him almost legendary status on the […]
January 25, 2019

European Regulators’ Approval Of Glyphosate Weed Killer Was Based On ‘Plagiarized’ Monsanto Studies

NEWS The decision by European regulators to relicense the toxic glyphosate weed killer was based on an assessment containing content copied from Monsanto studies, according to […]
January 24, 2019

Study Shows Cholesterol Levels Higher After End-Of-Year Holiday Season

NEWS In a finding that will surprise few people, a new study from Denmark shows that levels of cholesterol are higher after the end-of-year holiday season. […]