December 18, 2020

More Than Half Of New York City Firefighters Say They Will Not Take Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

More than half of New York City firefighters say they will not take Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to them in the coming weeks.
December 17, 2020

Covid Pandemic Could Push More Than A Billion People Worldwide Into Extreme Poverty, United Nations Warns

Another 207 million people could be driven into extreme poverty by the severe long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing the total number to more than one billion by 2030, the United Nations has warned.
December 10, 2020

New Study Finds Fish Oil Omega-3s EPA And DHA Work Differently On Chronic Inflammation

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) work differently against chronic inflammation, according to the results of a small randomized study, suggesting each has its own important role to play in regulating the immune system.
December 10, 2020

Weekly Folic Acid Boost Shows Potential To Halve Birth Defects

Researchers have found the risk of birth defects can be greatly reduced if women significantly increase their folic acid intake.
December 10, 2020

UK Drugs Regulator Forced To Defend Fast Pace Of Pfizer Gene-Based Vaccine Approval

Britain's medicines regulator continues to insist its approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine met all safety standards, after officials in Europe and the United States queried the rapid process.
December 10, 2020

Antiviral Drugs Have No Effect On Mortality In COVID-19

For hospitalized patients with COVID-19, remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, and interferon regimens seem to have little to no effect on mortality, according to a study published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.
December 10, 2020

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk Of Having Another Heart Attack

A new study from Spain has found that patients with heart disease can reduce their risk of having another heart attack by consuming a Mediterranean-style diet.
December 3, 2020

High Blood Pressure In Midlife Is Linked To Increased Brain Damage In Later Life

High blood pressure in midlife is linked to increased brain damage in later life, according to a new study.