April 11, 2024

Deadly Bird Flu is ‘Dangerously Close’ to Being Next Pandemic and it’s ‘Time to be Prepared’, Warn Experts

Bird flu is "dangerously close" to triggering the next human pandemic, experts have warned.
April 11, 2024

Omega-3 Levels Linked to Prevalence of Frailty in Older Adults

Consuming more oily fish or fish oil supplements may help prevent frailty in older adults in Western populations, according to new research.
April 4, 2024

Food Additives Linked to 15 Percent Higher Cancer Risk

Certain additives that are used to improve the texture and shelf life of food could increase the risk of cancer by 15 percent, a new study by French researchers has found.
April 4, 2024

Vitamin D Shows Promise in Targeting Aging’s Biological Mechanisms

In a recent review article published in Nutrients, researchers summarized what is currently known about the potential effect of vitamin D on modulating some hallmarks of aging and age-related diseases.
April 4, 2024

German Officials Overstated Covid Risk on Directions of Government

Two weeks ago, a court forced the Robert Koch Institute to release the internal protocols of its “Covid Crisis Team” meetings held between January 2020 and April 2021.
April 4, 2024

Calls for Bombshell Intelligence on Origins of Covid to be Released from ‘Secret Government Files’

Scientists, campaigners, and a top UK MP have urged governments to stop "hiding" key intelligence on the origins of Covid.
April 4, 2024

Influenza Vaccines Linked to Elevated Stroke Risk in Elderly

Getting COVID-19 and influenza vaccines at the same time led to a higher risk of stroke, researchers find.
March 29, 2024

Millions of Adults Taking Aspirin Unnecessarily Face Potential Risks

Millions of adults take a daily aspirin in the hope that it will help protect their heart, but that is no longer recommended for many people because the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.