September 23, 2003

You Are Deciding About the Future of Mankind!

CALL TO THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND TO ALL HEADS OF STATE: On September 7, 2003, Dr. Rath drew attention in The New York Times to […]
September 17, 2003

Save Our Planet Now!

On Sunday, September 7, 2003, in an advertisement in the New York Times, Dr. Rath informed the people and governments of the world that this year’s […]
September 7, 2003

This Year’s UN-General Assembly Decides On The Future Of The United Nations, World Peace And The Future Of Mankind

When the United Nations General Assembly meets this year it will have to take decisions that determine the future of the United Nations as the Parliament […]
August 24, 2003

Black Out Through Blackout?

On August 14, 2003, New York City – the seat of the Parliament of the World, the United Nations – and other cities in Northeastern America […]