August 14, 2003

I Call Upon All Members Of The United Nations: Don’t Let The UN-Charter Be Destroyed!

If the United Nations General Assembly lets the UN-Security Council cave in to US pressure and – retrospectively – legitimize the attack war against Iraq, it […]
July 16, 2003

SAY “NO” to Nuking Iran or North Korea to Cover Up the Lies About September 11 and the Iraq War!

With the political credibility of the Bush Administration at an all-time low – you may set your watch for a “surprise.” The people of America and […]
June 20, 2003

Stop the Lies – Discover the Truth!

Do You Think President Bush Lied to You About Iraq? Do You Want an Independent Investigation Into This War? Do You Want to Know Who Benefits […]
June 9, 2003

President Bush, Don’t Nuke Iran Or North Korea To Cover Up The Lies About The Iraq War!

You cannot win such a war, because the world is watching you. As the physician and scientist who has significantly contributed to the eradication of cardiovascular […]