May 10, 2024

Pharmaceutical Giants Knowingly Sold HIV-Infected Treatment to UK National Health Service

Pharmaceutical companies knowingly sold a treatment infected with HIV to the UK’s National Health Service, The Telegraph has revealed.
May 3, 2024

Dementia Treatments Linked With Serious Side Effects

Several antipsychotic treatments given to patients with dementia have been linked to serious side effects including heart failure, a new study has found.
April 26, 2024

Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death

Prescription drugs are the leading cause of death, and psychiatric drugs are the third leading cause of death.
April 26, 2024

How Pfizer Completely Dodged United States Corporate Income Tax in 2023

In 2023, Pfizer made more than $27 billion in revenue in the United States but paid zero federal income tax.
April 18, 2024

People Who Take Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Warned Even ‘Really Low’ Doses Can Damage Heart

Even really low doses of paracetamol (acetaminophen) could damage your heart, scientists have discovered.
April 18, 2024

Many Cancer Drugs Still Unproven 5 Years After Being Given Accelerated Approval in United States

New research questions the effectiveness of the United States Food and Drug Administration's accelerated drug approval program after finding that many cancer drugs remain unproven five years later.
April 11, 2024

Statins: Study Sheds Light on Worrying Side Effect – and the Risk Increases With Dosage

Statins can cause a small increase in blood sugar levels, which may mean that people who take them and are already at high risk of diabetes may develop the condition sooner, a sweeping new review has found.
March 29, 2024

Millions of Adults Taking Aspirin Unnecessarily Face Potential Risks

Millions of adults take a daily aspirin in the hope that it will help protect their heart, but that is no longer recommended for many people because the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.