June 17, 2021

More Than Two-Thirds Of US Congress Cashed A Pharma Campaign Check In 2020, New Analysis Shows

Seventy-two US senators and 302 members of the House of Representatives cashed a check from the pharmaceutical industry ahead of the 2020 election — a number representing more than two-thirds of the US Congress, according to a new analysis of records for the full election cycle.
June 11, 2021

Heart Inflammation Risk In Teens After Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Being Investigated

Seven U.S. boys, aged 14 to 19, received Pfizer shots in April or May and developed chest pain within a few days. Heart imaging tests showed a type of heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis.
June 11, 2021

New White House Science Chief Wants Vaccine For Next Pandemic Ready In 100 Days

The new White House science adviser wants to have a vaccine ready to fight the next pandemic within about 100 days after a potential viral outbreak is recognized.
June 11, 2021

Research Shows ADHD Drugs Can Affect Later Generations

Scientists at the University of Toronto and Florida State University have found that behaviors affected by methylphenidate hydrochloride – the active ingredient in stimulants such as Ritalin and Concerta used to treat ADHD – can be passed along to several generations of descendants.
June 10, 2021

Probiotics And Phytonutrients Reverse Biological Age By 3 Years, Researchers Find

Probiotics And Phytonutrients Reverse Biological Age By 3 Years, Researchers Find.
June 4, 2021

Prenatal Exposure To Acetaminophen Associated With ADHD And Autism

An epidemiological study of more than 70,000 children in six European cohorts has linked symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum conditions to the mothers' use of acetaminophen (paracetamol) during pregnancy.
May 28, 2021

Third Dose Of Covid Vaccine To Be Trialed In UK

The British public are being urged to take part in trials to find out whether a third dose of Covid vaccine could protect against new variants.
May 14, 2021

Big Pharma Up In Arms After Biden Signals Support For Profit-Threatening Patent Waiver On COVID-19 Vaccines

An international body representing a who’s-who of Big Pharma firms has rejected a US-backed proposal to lift intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines.