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Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death


Prescription drugs are the leading cause of death, and psychiatric drugs are the third leading cause of death.

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Authored by noted Danish physician and biomedical scientist Peter C. Gøtzsche, this article correctly identifies the alarming impact of prescription drugs on mortality rates. Highlighting common flaws seen in estimates of drug-related deaths, and pointing out that many fatalities go unrecorded or misattributed, Gøtzsche describes how the death toll from prescription drugs is significantly higher than commonly acknowledged, with errors, overdoses, and adverse reactions frequently overlooked or incorrectly classified as having natural causes.

Emphasizing the preventability of many drug-related deaths and criticizing the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on drug regulation, Gøtzsche concludes that prescription drugs are a major public health concern, contributing significantly to mortality rates, and calls for greater awareness and regulation to address the problem. He is particularly critical of the use of drugs to treat depression, which he labels “highly unsafe and ineffective.”

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